Emergency Medical Services are vital in healthcare.

Air Medical services are lifesaving in cases where it can save time getting a patient to definitive care, bring skilled caregivers to a patient in remote and inaccessible areas, or support the first aid efforts of caregivers in the field.

As the leading and most experienced air medical transportation company of the USA, Air Methods’ know-how enables HeliStar to provide high quality and safe air medical transport services.

HeliStar offers a wide range of services such as critical care, rescue and transfer, which are essential for improving patient outcomes while providing support for insurance companies, hospitals and social security organizations.

HeliStar is capable of providing or supporting emergency, search and rescue services with its experienced staff.

HeliStar’s staff has been trained under Air Method’s methodology based on over 30 years emergency services experience.

HeliStar can perform successful operations through complete services, equipment or aviation support for your rescue team.